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ReadAhead.AI developed from a love of reading, learning and problem-solving. While teaching English for fifteen years, I noticed that students struggled with distractions while trying to read and rarely adopted the reading strategies they were encouraged to use. I was also frustrated with the approaches to reading instruction and assessment that peppered students with multiple choice questions and ruined any hope of them enjoying their reading experiences. I wished there were a way to simulate and stimulate strategies like pre-skimming, making predictions and calling on prior knowledge that actually increased student engagement. I began to experiment with doing this in PowerPoint and discovered it worked! With the help of excellent teaching, research and IT colleagues, we automated the tedious process of choosing key words using artificial intelligence, blocked out distractions with our one-of-a-kind reading player and developed a forum for creating and sharing dynamic reading experiences. Now we are just trying to keep up as the ReadAhead.AI community and content library of open educational resources grows exponentially!

~Dr. Roxanne Russell

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