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Free, guided reading activities for any subject in middle school and high school

ReadAhead.AI turns any digital content into a guided reading comprehension activity in seconds.

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ReadAhead.AI is designed for student literacy success! Teachers can turn any digital text into a personalized lesson plan with intelligent scaffolding. These lessons improve students’ reading comprehension and deepen their learning engagement.

Using Read Ahead’s patented and proven methodology, students experience greater gains in reading motivation and comprehension while increasing their overall reading time. Teachers can track student progress and assess their learning.

Our vision is to combine student experience, teacher practice and machine learning to fundamentally change instruction and assessment practices for the better.

With ReadAhead.AI:

  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Engage in critical reading in a distraction-free environment
  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Create their own reading presentations, highlighting their choice of key words and ideas
  • Learn to love reading!
  • Import any digital text to create an evidence-based guided reading lesson in minutes
  • Build specific curricular objectives into lesson plans
  • Frame pre-reading concepts to allow students to use prior knowledge, make predictive inferences and identify main ideas
  • Differentiate student learning through customized lesson design
  • Increase student reading time
  • Track students to assess engagement and progress
  • Share lesson plans between teachers and across classrooms across the curriculum
  • Use a common program to develop literacy skills across the subject areas
  • Turn screen time into reading time
  • Point kids to quick, device ready, kid friendly reading content
  • Help kids automatically generate reading logs
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