Customer Stories

I used Read Ahead AI in my 8th grade math class to provide standard instruction through a literary and cultural experience. The application decreased frustration levels of adding literature in a math class as the students enjoyed the flashing words and began predicting their own stories. I chose words that would most likely link to student’s personal experience, background knowledge, and would highlight a certain perspective on the passage.

Carly Roberts
8th Grade Math

I have used Read Ahead in entirely virtual and face-to-face Intermediate Spanish reading instruction. My students enjoyed learning this way because the program really boosted their reading confidence! The program provides great scaffolding and support. It chunks the text to make it less intimidating, zooms in on key information, hovers over words a reader is unsure of and provides definitions, and makes new text more approachable. I incorporated Read Ahead into every module I taught. It created a seamless flow between assigned readings and learning activities like videos and interactive questions. My students had a really positive response to this.

Sarah Lowman
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Read Ahead AI is a great program to activate student background knowledge on the topic(s) that will be taught in a lesson. I use Read Ahead AI as a discussion-based tool in tiered groups. I can select a poem with words and ideas students would be familiar with, although the poem has different metaphorical meanings. Students can talk about what they predict a story or poem will be about. Then they can compare/contrast those predictions to their original thoughts after reading the literary piece. I chose words that would most likely link to student’s personal experience and background knowledge.

Morgan Strickland
8th Grade ELA Teacher

I wanted to integrate the use of technology and reading comprehension into my science lessons. I thought it was easy to use. Simply copying and pasting the article and selecting key terms. I don’t think it can get any easier! Read Ahead AI can be utilized across all content areas.

Shontice Butler
Gainesville Middle School, 6th grade, Science

I use Read Ahead AI because students love using technology, and this technology is research based!

Angelina Cippola
6th Grade ELA Teacher