ReadAhead.AI was built by teachers and instructional technologists based on research in real classrooms.

ReadAhead.AI combines effective pedagogy with smart technology to deliver a program that allows students to read longer and for deeper understanding.

This is How ReadAhead.AI Works:

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Upload Digital Texts

Load any digital text the teacher or student chooses. Differentiate assignments by student or groups of students.

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Set Lesson Objectives

These can include particular reading strategies, vocabulary building, parts of speech or be student-driven.

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Create Reading Presentations

Encourage students to create their own presentations, highlighting key words and ideas that are personally important.

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Use Smart Skimmer AI

Read Ahead’s Smart Skimmer AI tool can also skim text to find key words and main ideas. They are presented in advance so students can draw on
prior knowledge and make predictive inferences. Students also get a mental model of the coming text to improve comprehension.

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Chunk Text and Prompt Student Engagement

Read Ahead’s Smart Skimmer also chunks text into manageable portions and prompts students to engage with the same text multiple times to increase student concentration and deepen comprehension.

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Cross-Reference Materials

Load vocabulary lists to cross-reference with selected text. Students can get definitions in context while they read.

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Reduce Distractions

See text presented in our intentionally minimal black and white design to reduce online distractions and improve student focus. Students control the speed and flow of the words.

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Track Progress

Use the Dashboard to track overall student reading progress and reading at the keyword level to ensure students are mastering the lesson objectives.

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Generate Reading Log

Generate a student reading log from the dashboard.

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Collaborate and Share

Save presentations and share them among students, teachers or schools within a district.