Roxanne Russell
Co-inventor & Co-founder of Read Ahead AI

Dr. Roxanne Russell

Roxanne Russell is a teacher and instructional designer with 20+ years of university-level teaching experience and ten years of professional experience with designing, developing, integrating and evaluating online learning environments in a global context. She now brings her teaching, instructional design and web development background to helping schools navigate the complexities of technology integration for learning.

Roxanne received her M.A. in English from Auburn University and Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Design from Georgia State University. Her groundbreaking work on the cultural dynamics of the instructional design process is cited in the 2014 edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology.

Roxanne has consulted on several projects in collaboration with faculty and subject-matter-experts  to disseminate groundbreaking research through building communities of practice or online training programs. Roxanne’s research projects have explored the uses and production of digital media from the concept and design phases through evaluation, implementation and dissemination in public, private, and non‐profit sectors in the US, India and China. Her pragmatic research perspective has been rooted in the instructional technology and design discipline, and has taken advantage of analytical, design-based, quantitative and qualitative methods for inquiry.

I’m afraid the way schools introduce reading and literature to adolescents and teenagers may be working against a love of reading rather than encouraging it. Most curricula still overwhelmingly require students to read from an outdated Western-centric canon and bombard them with questions as they go along. If we want students to enjoy reading, we need to make room for their choices and their voices.
I’ll never forget reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker in high school. I was blown away by how Walker captured both deeply personal and globally diasporic experiences using such a simple narrative style. Celie’s voice has been in my head ever since.
Adarsh Char

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