Machine Learning: Interdisciplinary Curriculum Content

As an Introduction to Machine Learning Concepts, students read the following texts to prompt critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Interdisciplinary Introduction To Machine Learning

Critical Thinking:

Use these texts to examine

  • Roots and foundations of knowledge, decision-making and prediction
  • How to define, manipulate and automate logical operations
  • Compare perspectives across time and human understanding


  • Use texts as discussion prompts- engage through dialogic writing or conversations
  • Create visual diagrams of how the concepts in each text relates to machine learning


  • Come to consensus on a criteria for classification of a topic
  • Write a team project plan to use science for practical needs
  • Propose an optimal machine learner and team to build it


  • Envision future progress through physical or verbal modeling- building structures and/or storytelling
  • Write an algorithm for a tool mentioned in the texts presented; change the algorithm to show how it would learn what it needed to know to reflect today’s functionality of a similar tool
  •  Describe an optimal machine learner
Grade/Subject Link to Resource
Introduction All grades, All topics
Middle Grades Math Probability
Middle Grades Science Science and Practical Needs
Middle Grades Social Studies Technological advancement perspective
Middle Grades ELA Beyond Lies the Wub by Philip K. Dick
High School Math The Earliest Arithmetics in English
High School Science Classification 
High School Social Studies The Romance of Modern Invention
High School ELA Transhumanism project
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