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Illuminating Reading Strategies

We all want our students to comprehend what they read, and helping them identify key terms is a great place to start. That’s why we are excited to share our brand new lesson plan on Critical Reading – Key Terms with everyone today! It uses Read Ahead AI to illuminate the hidden reading strategies necessary in becoming a proficient reader.

About the Lesson Plan

In this traditional jigsaw lesson plan, student groups will use Read Ahead AI’s smart-skimmer to read a digital text relating to a class topic. Then, they will use the presentation creation tool to develop a list of key terms related to the topic. Next, they will compile, define, and compare their choices, swapping groups when finished. Finally, groups will share their selections with the class. By hearing and thinking about other students’ working definitions, students will reinforce their vocabulary and better identify the relation between key terms and the text.

The lesson plan is designed for students in 6th to 10th grade, and can work either in person or virtually. It’s fully adjustable, and works for varying class sizes and times. It also meets several reading, science, and social studies standards. Teachers can also use the lesson as a formative assessment or assign it as homework. Students can also access all Read Ahead AI digital selections on their smart devices if available.

How to Use

The prepare for this lesson, both students and teacher should be familiar with creating a Read Ahead AI presentation. Students should also know how to apply and modify the Smart Skimmer’s word choices and export a wordlist in Read Ahead AI.

Teachers can find content-area selections online and load them into Read Ahead AI, or they can have students look them up as part of the process.  Pre-skimmed readings are also available in the Read Ahead AI free library.

Download the Read Ahead AI Lesson Plan and let us know how you’re using Read Ahead AI to boost student literacy!

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