Teen Friendly, Cross Curricular Reading Unit: Intro to Stats

Having trouble keeping teenagers’ attention on reading assignments? We’ve got a solution to help you mix things up.

Introduce basic concepts with homework- that teens will actually DO! They can read these assignments on their phones.

To let you spend valuable instructional time delving in deeper.

We’re pleased to offer you a free cross curricular unit of Read Ahead presentations on Statistics:

Subject Link to Resource
Introduction: Why do I need to learn about stats? Critical Evaluation- Intro to Stats
ELA: Who said that? Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics
Science: What is that? Key Terms- Intro to Stats
Social Science: How does that work? Sampling- Intro to Stats
Math: How do we account for that? Variation- Intro to Stats

More Reading Time —> Better Reading Skills & Content Understanding

Many teens don’t like to read. And according to our Nations Report Card, they are not very good at it. This same report card also shows that our teens aren’t showing much improvement in their knowledge across the curriculum.

Yet, when we want teens to learn more about any topic- what do we ask them to do? Read textbooks.

Starting from about the 4th grade, classroom lessons overwhelmingly begin with reading assignments. Teachers introduce activities and lessons based on the assumption that students have read. Yet, we know that is rarely true.

There is overwhelming evidence that the vast majority of students do not and will not read at home (Moss 2005). And even though amount of time spent reading correlates directly with reading comprehension improvement, classroom time is rarely used to engage students in reading assignments.

But how does a teacher keep the busy eyes of a digital learner trained to a page of static text?

If teachers want teens to read, they need a tool that helps students focus on reading. They need to be able to use it with any digital text. And they need to be able to do it quickly and easily.

That’s why we built Read Ahead. A guided, focused reading activity that teachers can create in seconds.

  • Skims any digital text
  • Finds key ideas
  • Lets users pick and choose key ideas
  • Presents those key ideas first, in motion
  • Guides students through the act of reading entire passages of text

To use it:

  • Pick any digital text
  • Apply Smart Skimmer or Pick your own key ideas
  • Share it
  • Read the presentation on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
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