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Identifying Point of View

Close reading is an important component in reading comprehension, but what if students struggle with that? In this free lesson plan, students will use Read Ahead AI to identify key words and phrases that will help them determine the author’s point of view. In this way, students will simulate the act of close reading and build a foundation without even knowing it. It’s like a brain-hack. Greater comprehension for your students and an easy-to-follow lesson plan for you—does it get any better? Check out the full lesson plan here!

About the Lesson Plan

The goal of this lesson plan is to identify the author’s point of view in a complex text by examining purpose, content, and language use. Students will use close reading to understand King’s three main arguments defending his work in Birmingham.

Have your students use Read Ahead AI to read the first four paragraphs of King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Reassure your students that it’s OK if they do not know every word. They will get more context in step two, which is where you will lead them through the presentation yourself using the provided handout. Conversely, students can read through the selection in groups, focusing on one paragraph each. Give each group a handout and have them answer the questions. Then, each group can present their findings to the class once finished.

This lesson plan is designed with 6th through 8th graders in mind, and covers ELA and history/social studies subjects. As with all of our lessons, this plan meets relevant reading and history/social studies standards. Fit this lesson into one period, or adapt it with the various extensions we’ve provided.

How to Use

First, ensure that all students are logged in to Read Ahead AI and have access to the presentation. They should be able to silently read it on a device/computer. You will also need to be able to display the presentation as well. Finally, provide students with a printed or digital version of the “Point of View” handout.

Download the Read Ahead AI Lesson Plan and let us know how you’re using Read Ahead AI to boost student literacy!

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