Announcing the Read Ahead AI Social Justice Collection

Announcing Our Social Justice Collection

This summer, we’ve been hard at work making new presentations for you—our users. We’ve added tons of great new content, but we’re especially proud of our newest collection on social justice. In recent times, it seems that folks are trying their hardest to limit what topics are allowed in the classroom. There are those who believe that ideas such as race, gender, and sexuality shouldn’t be discussed at school.

Let us be clear, we couldn’t be more against that idea.

Education is the last bastion of free thinking, and to all the students reading this, we have a message: Leave no page unturned, no question unasked, and no territory unexplored. Because that’s what education is about—understanding what has previously been unknown. And how can we do that if we’re too busy labeling what can and can’t be discussed?

We’re excited to get these presentations into the hands of you and your students alike, and as always, we can’t wait to see what presentations you create this school year. Good luck, and happy reading!

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